Home Pest Control in Newark, New Jersey

If you find pests in your home, you must take action immediately to minimize the damage pest can bring.  Pests ca be dangerous to your family's health, but also the integrity of the home. Anchor Pest Control has a proven pest remediation service, doing our part to safeguard the health and safety of your home and family.  Our goal is to eradicate pests from all homes, one Newark neighborhood at a time.

We have the best pest control services for removing termites, bed bugs, roaches, mice, rats, etc. Ranging from pest removal to an annual pest control program, our services are tailored to meet all your needs.  For a complimentary pest identification, damage evaluation, and/or a free pest consultation give us a call today.

As a testament to the knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment of our highly skilled team, we can provide client referrals and lifetime customers. Give us a call to see why we’re rated a leader for home pest control in Woodbridge.  Look for our trucks all around Newark and the surrounding cities.

Why Choose Anchor?

  • We respond immediately to Emergency Calls
  • Thermal Remediation Treatments for Bed Bugs
  • We practice IPM or Integrated Pest Management
  • 96-98% accuracy in finding bed bug and/or bed bug eggs
  • Online Photo Upload with AnchorID 1-2-3

Worry Free Maintenance Contracts

We can provide monthly, quarterly or a 6 month service plan, each including preventive maintenance on all non-wood destroying insects and excludes bed bugs. This includes treating the inside and outside of your home as well as a complete pest inspection.  All warranties apply only while the contract is active.

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