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Bed Bug Detection, Removal and Control in NJ, NY, & PA

Bed Bugs are becoming the fastest growing problem Anchor Pest Control faces today.  These nocturnal bugs can easily go unnoticed because of they remain dormant during the daytime hours in a number of places hard to see spaces.  Because of their ability to remain undetected during normal hours, our experts inspect your businesses with K9 detection.  Our dog Anchor has been trained at J&K Canine Academy with world class trainer Jose “Pepe” Peruyero.  Anchor can sniff out bed bugs in the tiniest of crevices and proudly does so with a 98% accuracy rate. We are so confident in Anchor, that we can say we are the best bed bug company in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania!

At Anchor, we practice IPM or Integrated Pest Management, which is a set of industry practices ensuring that we only use low toxic, odorless, long-term and effective pest control products to ensure the highest safety of our customers.

Some Quick Tips if you think you have Bed Bugs

  • Don’t start buying a load of chemicals and treating yourself. Remember, pesticides have different qualities (repellents, contact killers, residual killers, growth regulators, etc.) Bed bugs are probably the most complicated pests you’ve ever encountered. If you start spraying pesticides, you may disperse the bugs, and the professionals may have trouble treating them. You may spread them.
  • Do not, absolutely do not release a fogger or bug bomb. Do not allow anyone to do so. Do not allow a so-called exterminator to do so. Bug bombs / foggers do not work for bed bugs, and in fact, will spread them. Your problem will be magnified.
  • Read more in our recent blog  "What to do if you have BED BUGS"
Bed Bug Control

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