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Bird Removal & Control in NJ, NY, & PA

Anchor’s bird control services have been requested with more urgency in the past several years.  Most birds will lay an average of 3 eggs per nest.  As the baby birds mature they contaminate everything around them with their urine and waste.  If the birds accidentally get indoors, they will often infest a building for many years and expose the building occupants with a variety of health risks. 

Anchor Pest Control has a team of experts trained to remove birds and their nests in the Monmouth County, NJ area.  Our humane removal techniques prevent stress and injury to the animals.  As a testament to the knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication of our highly skilled team, we have exceptional client referrals and lifetime customers. Give us a call to see why we’re rated a leader for bird control in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Why Choose Anchor?

  • We respond immediately to Emergency Calls
  • Thermal Remediation Treatments for Bed Bugs
  • We practice IPM or Integrated Pest Management
  • 96-98% accuracy in finding bed bug and/or bed bug eggs
  • Online Photo Upload with AnchorID 1-2-3
Bird Control

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