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Anchor rodent control services involve processes removing or minimizing conditions that would be favorable for rodents to seek shelter and infest the space.  Our professional services mitigate rodent risk by sealing access points, trapping, or baiting the animals to prevent them from invading these potential spaces.  Our expert technicians originally survey the property for any areas of entry or identify any conditions that may favor rodent development.  At this point, our team wither removes any rodent invasion or eliminates any room for infestation.  Our team will continue to perform check back services over the next several weeks to ensure there are no further rodent issues.

Common Rodents treated by Anchor commercial rodent control services:

House Mice
House MiceColor: Light brown to black
Size: 2 inches not including tail
Habits: Nibblers. May feed on several different foods in one night. Can live without water but will drink if water available. Males and females territorial. Very curious and will investigate traps even if no food is on the trap.
Habitat: Lives indoors and out. Will burrow outdoors. May spend entire life in a pallet of food.
Threat: Foul food. Urine may cause allergies. Can bring fleas, mites ticks and lice indoors.
Prevention: Seal all openings larger than a dime.
RatsColor: Gray, brown or black
Size: 10 to 12 inches including tail
Habits: This is our common sewer or brown rat. It lives in burrows but may nest in buildings. Forms colonies with interconnecting burrows. They can climb well.
Habitat: Lives in areas with cover such as wood piles, compost piles, trash storage, etc. They can enter buildings through a hole the size of a quarter.
Threat: They can chew through wiring and cause fires. They can spread numerous diseases. They foul food with droppings and urine.
Prevention: Close openings larger than a quarter. Make sure doors fit tightly at the bottom. Keep food and garbage out of reach. Remove moisture sources such as dripping faucets. Remove debris which may serve as a harborage. Pick up fallen fruit in yards. Do not permit pet food to sit out overnight.
Roof Rats
Roof RatsColor: Black
Size: 16 inches including very long tail
Habits: Not common in New Jersey but may be found in port areas. More common in sub-tropical areas. Tend to live above ground in trees and upper portions of buildings. Larger ears and eyes than those of the Norway rat. Prefers fruit.
Habitat: Tend to live in the upper portions of buildings and in trees. Seldom burrow
Threat: Can spread disease can gained notoriety in the spread of bubonic plague (black death) in Europe in centuries past. Foul food with droppings and urine.
Prevention: Close openings larger than a quarter. Remove sources of moisture and food.
Rodent Control

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