10 Ways to Keep Animals Out of Your Garbage

They show up the spring, summer, fall and winter… raccoons, cats, and other animals hunting around in your trash looking for a free meal. Oftentimes, this situation can be controlled, and its not too hard to do. Here are 10 easy tips that you can use to keep furry creatures out of your trash right now.

Minimize the amount of food waste in your trash

If you can, use the garbage disposal on your sink or put food into your trash bins only on pick-up day.

Keep lids on your trash cans secure

Many of the older metal cans have lids that clip on tightly. Today, the new plastic cans which can be picked up by garbage trucks have lids that blow open fairly easily. A bungee cord can keep the lids closed without much hassle.

Move your trash indoors

If you have a cold garage or shed, you can keep your trash inside. Keeping trash indoors will keep the creatures out.

Cover up the smell of food.

One way is by spraying bleach, ammonia, or vinegar. Raccoons, cats, and squirrels find your trash by smell. Masking the smell of the food with a strong scent will make it much harder for them to seek food.

Stake down the garbage cans

The wind can knock your garbage cans over. Run a rope over the top of the cans and stake them down to the ground.

Wash your trash cans frequently

The build-up of delicious smelling food runoff is irresistible to our furry little diners. Keeping the cans clean will reduce the smells and make them less attractive to animals.

Keep food scraps in the freezer until garbage day.

Freezing them will keep them from smelling bad while you are waiting for pick up day.

Christmas lights can keep animals out.

Christmas lights scare raccoons and other animals, so they are perfect to keep critters out. You can put out a small wooden or metal frame or simply hang lights on the garbage cans to keep everyone out.

Build a chicken-wire box for your trash cans.

Anything that can keep the animals from being able to open the tops will prevent them from getting in.

Animal repellent is a simple solution.

There are several over-the-counter sprays that can be put on the cans and on the trash that will keep the raccoons and other creatures out.

One very important note: If you see a raccoon or other animals acting strangely, please call us at Anchor Pest Control right away. Raccoons and other mammals can carry rabies and give it to pets and family members.

If you find that you have a consistent problem with animals in your garbage, give us a call us we will come out to assess the situation. We have professional solutions that will keep your garbage in the cans when these DIY options may not help.