6 Ways to Keep Pesky Birds Off Your Roof

Almost everyone loves birds. Their beautiful songs and brilliant colors can be appreciated by many.  Nonetheless, when birds use your roof and attic as a nesting spot, it can be a pain in the tail feathers. Furthermore, it can even be dangerous. Bird droppings in large quantity can be a source of disease and allergens.

Here are six humane and easy ways to keep birds off of your roof and stop them from nesting in your home:

  1. Bird netting – You can go to a home improvement or gardening store and purchase netting that will keep the birds off of your roof. This specially designed netting doesn’t trap the birds, but keeps them from getting into places they don’t belong. Be sure to only buy bird netting; other types of nets can trap the birds and hurt them.
  2. Plastic cats and owls – There are some very realistic looking owl and cat figurines that you can place on your roof. Plastic figurines can scare these birds away, like scarecrows in the field.
  3. Aluminum strips – Cut cans and pie tins into strips and hang them along the edge of your roof. Birds don’t like the glare off of the metal and it confuses them. They are much less likely to nest because the flashing metal makes them nervous. This might not be the best solution if you are trying to sell your home, but it should work.
  4. Chili pepper spray – Crush chili peppers and put them in water outside for a few days if it’s warm. Once they have fermented, put the liquid into a spray bottle. If it’s cold out, you might need to keep it in the house. Spray the mixture around the edges of the roof and along the eaves. Bird dislike the smell and will relocate quickly. You might need to reapply it after it rains or snows. You should look into power-washer attachments for your garden hose that will allow you to spray the pungent liquid high without needing a ladder.
  5. Loud noises – Birds don’t like loud noises. You can bang pots, use explosions sounds through speakers, or any other loud sudden noises randomly throughout the day. After a while, the birds will fly away rather than deal with the noises. This ideas has its downsides; your neighbors might not love the sounds either.
  6. Humane trapping – There are many humane traps that you can purchase. These will capture the birds alive and unharmed. You will need someplace to release the birds. This can be the difficult part as you don’t want your bird problem to become someone else’s problem. Contacting your local animal control department might help you find a safe and respectful place to release the birds, like a local park or nature preserve.


All of these ideas can work, but as most DIY solutions, there is no guarantee that they will.

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