Anchor Pest Control’s Most Popular Posts

Anchor Pest Control's Most Popular Posts

Each month we continue to share information based on questions we receive from our clients and trends in the Pest Control industry. From homeowner and property manager tips, to product recommendations and safety information, our blog covers a wide variety of topics. Here are some of our reader’s favorites!

Looking to do some DIY Pest Control? Check out these tips.

There is a lot you can do to keep your home and yard from being a hangout for unwanted squatters. You can search the internet for a collection of tips and tricks, or check out a quick list that we put together right here.

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What You Need to Know if You See a Raccoon During Daylight

There is a tradition that if you see a raccoon during daylight hours, it has rabies. This makes sense because everyone knows that raccoons are nocturnal creatures. Nonetheless, it is not necessarily true. Although they are nocturnal creatures, raccoons do normally move around during the day, just not as much. If they wake up hungry, they will go out and forage. This is particularly true for nursing females who need more energy to sustain themselves and their young.

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Managing Another Summer With Mosquitos: 10 Ways to Avoid Them

When Noah put two of each animal on the Ark, why did he decide to keep mosquitos? We may never know, but we can handle it. Mosquitos are more than annoying; they are the world’s number one killer, carrying diseases in every part of the world. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these buzzing little pests.

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5 Pest Control Products Every Home Should Have on Hand

The worst part about household pests such as ants, roaches, and mice, is that they can show up at any time. There is no warning. Very often, their presence has nothing to do with anything that you can control. While your proximity to woods for example, may make it more likely for pests to invade your home, sometimes even location doesn’t matter.  These pests are looking to get out of the harsh environment outdoors and into the comfort of your home. It can be very important to be prepared for this eventuality. There are some great over-the-counter products that can help to keep a minor infestation from turning into a major problem.

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Favorite Midnight Snacks for Pests – How to Keep Critters Out, by Not Inviting Them In!

Everyone knows that insecticides and rat and mouse poisons are, well, poisonous. They aren’t only poisonous to the creatures they are sold to eliminate, but they are also poisonous to humans and pets. The famous phrase, “If you build it, they will come,” has an opposite phrase too, “If you don’t build it, they won’t come.” In the case of pests, you want to avoid building a Home Depot and grocery store for them.

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a concept whereby a home owner or pest control professional look for and eliminate the food and bedding items that tiny invaders love. If you eliminate what is a attracting them, you will be more likely to be able to eliminate the pests. Here is a list of different household pests and some of the things that they find most attractive.

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