Bed Bug Heat Treatment - How to Make Bed Bugs a Thing of the Past

We know that bed bugs absolutely can’t stand the heat, especially when the house that they have moved into is treated by Anchor Pest Control. It’s called Thermal Remediation Treatment. It is one of the most effective ways to treat a bed bug problem when you have the proper equipment. The trained staff at Anchor can help!

The process takes about a day, but leaves the home bed bug free. There is no damage to the house and we don’t need to use lots of noxious chemicals. Because it is just heat, it takes no time to recover from.

Your home will be sealed up with plastic and covered appropriately to make sure that the heat stays in. Anything that might be damaged by temperatures about 120 degrees is removed.

Our team of professionals then use our specialized equipment to heat your home up. Using fans, the entire space if heated evenly, ensuring that all of the little beasts in your home will be eliminated.

At temperatures over 120°, all stages of the bed bugs’ life, from egg to adult, can be killed by the heat. The process is completely safe, odor free and can be completed in a single day. The process requires a lot less preparation than conventional treatments and requires much less recovery time.

Whether it’s a small home or a full size commercial building, we can make the removable of bed bugs much easier and most effective with our Thermal Remediation Treatment.