Pest Control Services for Your Business

Anchor Pest Control is a family-owned business providing Bed Bug and Pest Control in the Tri-State area for the last 25 years. Our reputation is built on years of solid service providing safe, cost-effective, pest management services.

Bed Bug Control

These nocturnal bugs can easily go unnoticed because they remain dormant during the daytime hours in a number of places hard to see spaces.

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Bird Control

Most birds will lay an average of 3 eggs per nest. As the baby birds mature they contaminate everything around them with their urine and waste.

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Commercial Pest Control

If you are aware of termite damage, let our experts identify the destruction correctly. Our professionals are certified to assess termite damage and remediate effectively.

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Rodent Control

Our professional services mitigate rodent risk by sealing access points, trapping, or baiting the animals to prevent them from invading your spaces.

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Hotel Bed Bug Control

Because of their ability to remain undetected throughout your hotel during normal hours, our experts inspect your businesses with K9 detection.

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