Help, I have ladybugs in my house!

Why are ladybugs in my house?

It seems that ladybugs might be attracted by houses that are lightly colored, and they can easily enter homes that aren’t properly insulated. For a bug that small, it is quite simple to creep in from even the smallest cracks or door gaps. Ladybugs are coming in because they are merely seeking for a warm place to spend winter and hibernate. You might see a lot of them because they often hibernate as a group.

Why do I see them in the winter

While they normally love to spend winter tucked away into a tree bark or hidden under rocks in the forests, ladybugs might find their way into your home and choose it as a location to hibernate and get through the cold season. This is the reason why some homeowners see more ladybugs during the winter. It is very likely that the ladybugs you see might be coming from under the sliding of your house or apartment, and since your house is warm inside, the confused ladybugs wake up from their winter hibernation and take a walk around in your place!

Do ladybugs eat anything in my home?

The good news is that ladybugs only eat aphids, small insects that feed on plants. They won’t spoil your food or ruin any fabric, paper or plants. Ladybugs love humidity, and this is why you might see them often trying to get close to water residues in your bathroom or kitchen sinks.

It’s becoming a problem, how can I get them out of my house?

Ladybug control might be a challenge for you, but thankfully, there are many ways to get rid of the irritating bugs once and for all. For starters, you can collect ladybugs with a shop vacuum and release them outside. If the problem is quite severe, you can buy specialized products, such as ladybug houses or traps. You can even plant mums and winterize your home for an added effect against these bugs. Many old-fashioned homeowners still love to rely on old-fashioned remedies, including certain scents that are supposed to scare ladybugs away.

Are they poisonous?

Ladybugs are not poisonous to humans, so don’t sweat it!