How to Tell if You Have a Termite Infestation

Termites are the worst nightmare for many homeowners. It’s unsettling to know that many bugs are lurking around in your home, let alone when you realize that they have the potential to damage prized furniture and household features. In the worst case scenario, termites could even create critical structural damage to the wooden section of your home, creating a possible safety concern. Do you think there might be termites in your home? Read on to learn about four signs of termite infestation and find out.

Visual Examination

There are many tale-tell signs of terminates to be on the lookout for. In some cases, you might discover “tunnels” in wooden items, meaning that termites ate their way through. You might also spot holes, as well as swollen ceilings, doors, and walls as an indicator of a possible termite infestation

Listen for Termite Sounds

In some cases, you could be able to hear rattling sounds generated by termites. When they feel threatened, these insects rattle their heads against tunnels, creating a very distinctive effect. You can also keep listening for clicking noises and rustling sounds, as they go through the wood.

Swarming Near Light Sources

During the day, most termites swarm, to detach from their “group” and finding new areas to colonize. Winged termites, which are common household parasites, are particularly keen to follow electrical light sources, including lamps. You might be able to easily spot them flying around a light bulb during the day, or even at night, depending on the type of termite.

Piles of Wings or Feces

Even if you might not see termites directly, you might be able actually to see what they leave behind. Termites wings and feces might pile up in the corners of your home, behind furniture and in other areas that are not as easy and immediate to access. Always make sure to inspect for these indirect signs of termites.