NJ Commercial Bed Bug Removal - Every Business Needs a Plan in Place (Employee Education)

A business’ plan for dealing with bed bugs can be as important as a fire plan – and even more likely to be needed.
The first part talked about the importance of a detailed risk management plan. In this second portion, we will review how to train employees, expanding on one of the most important portions of the risk management plan.

Step 2: Employee Education

Making sure that your employee know what to look for and know whom to tell can be a large part of making sure that a small infestation doesn’t become a business destroying liability.

Check with your pest control provider. Many of them offer trainings for you and for your staff. This training will involve teaching everyone the symptoms and the course of action if pests are discovered.

Teaching staff to be vigilant is a large part of preventing bed bug from getting a foothold. One of the most important things for them to understand is the idea that if there are bugs at work, it’s only a matter time before they are at home too.

Maintenance staff can be the first line of active defense. Having the maintenance team spot check the facility every day will ensure that undistracted eyes are watching for bed bugs. Also making sure that the checks are entirely randomized will help to keep the team from checking the easiest space and force them to keep an eye on the entire building.

Give the entire staff the ability to call the pest service provider. They should definitely call management next, but entrust your pest control company to know when to come out and make it part of your contract that they will handle every call without outrageous expenses.

Keep reminder posters in the break rooms and other employee only spaces to remind staff of the symptoms of an infestation. While this might pose a public relations concern, it is easier to show that you are vigilant than to get rid of the stigma having bed bug in your business.

Your staff and employees are the first line of defense for your business against a bed bug infestation. Having their assistance and training them well will make all the difference in the crucial time period when the first bugs show up and when you have a full blown infestation.