Carpenter Ants

What is a carpenter ant and what does it look like?

Carpenter ants are so called because they construct nests inside of moist/ damp wood by hollowing out wooden structures such as trees and houses. Because of this, they can cause a large amount of structural damage to people’s homes. These ants can be identified because they are black in color, are approximately 1 quarter inch long and have one protruding node that almost resembles a spike.

What are the signs of a carpenter ant infestation?

Carpenter ants can be located by their ‘frass’ a material similar to sawdust that they leave behind after making their burrow networks. Other than this, the damage they cause to wooden structures in the home is the most common way to find out you have an infestation. They can be found in moist areas including under windows, roofs, and porches.

Are carpenter ants dangerous? Can carpenter ants bite?

Because of the damage they cause to building structures with their burrow networks, carpenter ants can be very dangerous in a home environment. Their burrowing can cause a home to become structurally unsound, so it is important to locate them quickly and fix any areas that they have compromised. Carpenter ants can also bite as a defense mechanism and the bites can break the skin and become painful. If they especially feel threatened, carpenter ants can also spray a chemical into the wound increasing the pain intensity. Due to the harm carpenter ants can do to the home and family, they require carefully applied insecticides to cause a swift extermination.

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Carpenter Ant Control in New Jersey

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