Household Ants

What is a household ant and what does it look like?

Ants are eusocial insects; meaning that they live and function in highly organized communities that cooperate for reproduction and labor purposes. There is a diverse array of ant species (approximately 22,000) with different appearances and habitats. You can easily identify ants from their elbowed antennae, brown/black/red in color, and small in size. Odorous house ants (household ants) are easily identified for the strong smell of rotten coconut that is exuded when they are squashed. They are dark brown/black in color, have 1 node, and are generally 2.4 mm long.

What are the signs of a household ant infestation?

Household ants are a very common household problem. They are usually drawn to homes to scavenge food and water. They are attracted by sugar, meat, and cheese, among many other household foods. These ants are very easy to locate and can be found on kitchen bench tops, in cupboards, or in poorly sealed food.

Are household ants dangerous? Are household ant bites dangerous?

Household ants aren’t dangerous to humans, but they can quickly become a serious nuisance because they can cause widespread food contamination in the home. Household ant bites, although rarely deadly, can become increasingly annoying especially in young children. For these reasons, once you find a household ant infestation in your home you need to start the extermination immediately The most important thing to keep in mind when treating an ant infestation is that you need to identify the ant species to eradicate the colony in the correct method. Sugar or protein-based baits and chemical sprays are effective against the household variety of ants, but some problem cases may require a professional exterminator.

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Household Ant Control in New Jersey