Bed Bugs

What is a bed bug and what does it look like?

Bed Bugs are 0.09 – 0.18 inches long and are barely visible to the naked eye. They get their name from the fact that they are nocturnal and commonly feed on human blood while people are asleep in their beds. After feeding, they will nest for 5- 10 days and lay their eggs. They can be found almost everywhere, but are mostly found in mattresses and bedding.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

As Bed Bugs are not visible, the most common way of identifying that you have an infestation is through bites; which may cause redness, swelling, and itching on your skin. After feeding on human blood while people are asleep, the female will lay their eggs (approximately 200 at one time). Bed Bugs can be found in homes, hotels, public transport, and schools, among other places where humans dwell.

Are bed bugs dangerous? Are bed bug bites dangerous?

Although bed bugs aren’t necessarily dangerous (they don’t transmit any diseases with their bites) they are a huge nuisance and spread very quickly among people. Bed bug bites affects each person differently. A bed bug bit reaction can range from no physical symptoms of the bite, to small bite marks, to a serious allergic reaction. People who have an allergic response to bed bug bites will need to seek medical attention right away.

There has recently been a resurgence in bed bugs and there is research that suggests that these new bugs are more resistant to chemicals and insecticides that have been used in the past. Other than scouring your home and throwing out possible contaminants, professionally cleaning all your floors, clothes, furniture and possessions, your place will need to be exterminated by a pest professional. The best way to deal with bed bugs is prevention and early detection, always thoroughly examine second-hand furniture and inspect your bed sheets for bloodspots.

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Bed Bug Control in New Jersey