Bald Faced Hornets

What is a bald-faced hornet and what does it look like?

A bald-faced hornet is black in color with a white face. It is large in size with a long wasp-like body. They live in colonies that number between 100 and 400 in aerial paper nests.

What are the signs of bald-faced hornet infestation?

The paper nests that bald-faced hornets dwell in can be found in trees, houses, and sheds, to name a few popular spots for these pests. Because of the large numbers of members in the colony, their territorial nature, and the habitats they house their nests, it is easy to locate the infestation quickly.

Is a bald-faced hornets dangerous? Are hornet stings dangerous?

The bald-faced hornet is extremely aggressive and territorial. They attack with a smooth stinger, which means that they can sting repeatedly. The venom they inject is very painful and the symptoms (swelling, itch, and pain) can last up to 24 hours. Their hostile nature and effective stinger mean they are also a very real threat and danger to anyone with bee/hornet allergies. It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to remove a hornet’s nest by yourself but contact a professional to remove them. By disturbing the nest, the colony can become aggravated and be more difficult to move.

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Bald Faced Hornet Control in New Jersey