Carpenter Bee

What is a carpenter bee and what does it look like?

The carpenter bee resembles a common bumblebee but without the yellow stripes. They are ΒΌ – 1 inch long and are either yellow or black in color. The carpenter bee name comes from the fact that they burrow nests to lay their eggs into dead wood and bamboo, boring into the wood like a carpenter.

What are the signs of carpenter bee infestation?

Because carpenter bees are solitary and don’t live in a colony they can often be hard to spot. Regularly check the wood structures in your home to ensure they are no carpenter bee nests. Also, keep a lookout for any male carpenter bees that will be hovering territorially near nests to find the mother and eggs/larvae.

Are carpenter bees dangerous? Are carpenter bee stings dangerous?

They are solitary bees and can be a serious problem for humans because they can cause major structural damage to homes. This can be dangerous because buildings can collapse because of the wood deterioration over time. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to paint or stain any wood in your home because bees prefer natural wood.

While carpenter bees may seem aggressive as they are flying around you, they are harmless. Male carpenter bees don’t have a stinger and females will rarely use theirs unless provoked.

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Carpenter Bee Control in New Jersey