What is a honeybee and what does it look like?

A honeybee has an oval shape with a golden yellow color with dark brown stripes. They are pollinators and well known for producing honey in honeycombs from pollen and nectar.

What are the signs of honeybee infestation?

Honeybees mostly can be found in trees but can sometimes construct nests in people’s homes in chimneys or attics. Bee colonies are very large, so they are very easy to spot.

Are honeybees dangerous? Do honeybees sting?

These bees do sting, although the stinger remains lodged in the victim’s skin so one bee can only strike once. However, this can be very painful so you need to immediately remove the stinger. Bee sting allergies are common and dangerous. In fact, it can cause anaphylaxis, which is difficulty breathing or swallowing, so people with these allergies need to seek immediate medical attention if stung. A professional pest controller is recommended to remove honeybee colonies from your home.

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Honeybee Control in New Jersey