What is a hornet and what does it look like?

Hornets have a pale face and their bodies are brown with yellow stripes on their abdominal area. They are most common later in the summer season, and they eat honeybees, grasshoppers, flies, fruit, tree sap, among other things.

What are the signs of hornet infestation?

Hornets make their nests in the hollows of trees, walls, and attics close to human habitats. They are attracted to light so they can commonly be found tapping against windows. Their nests are large and they make a loud noise, so they are very easy to locate.

Are hornets dangerous? Are hornet stings dangerous?

Hornets are aggressive and dangerous. They have smooth stingers and unlike bees, hornets do not die after they sting. Therefore, the likelihood you will be stung more than once is likely. Hornet stings are more painful than bees and can be felt for more than 24 hours. Because of these reasons, it is important to stay away from their nests and contact a pest professional for removal immediately.

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Hornet Control in New Jersey