What is a Yellowjacket and what does it look like?

A Yellowjacket is an insect that has a wasp-like shape, yellow and black head, and a patterned abdomen. Yellowjackets are highly social wasps, commonly found throughout North America. Although they are mistaken for bees due to their similar yellow and black patterns, they can easily be identified due to the striking markings on their back. The social structure of yellowjackets is also similar to that of bees, with different “castes”, including workers, and a Queen.

What are the signs of yellowjacket infestation?

Yellowjacket nests are easy to find because they have an impressive 4,000 workers. They are found mostly in the late in the summer, and because they are attracted to human food they may be spotted in near homes or locations where people and food dwell.

Are yellowjackets dangerous? Do yellowjackets sting?

Yellowjacket stings are serious. Because of their territorial nature, they are aggressive and will sting repeatedly. These insects cause approximately 500,000 hospital visits every year. A professional pest controller is needed to remove infestations, but to prevent attracting yellowjackets keep garbage cans covered and avoid using sweet scents such as perfumes when outside.

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Yellowjacket Control in New Jersey