Carpet Beetles

What is a carpet beetle and what does it look like?

A carpet beetle is a round bug that features black, white, brown, and yellow patches on its surface. These beetles are common household pests because they feed on carpets, hair, fur, and bones.

A fully grown carpet beetle might reach up to 3mm in length and they are common domestic pests. Their name stems from the fact that they can damage materials such as carpets or carpet-floor, not to mention clothing and biological specimens (for this reason, carpet beetles are a big concern for museum institutions).

What are the signs of carpet beetle infestation?

You can find carpet beetles because of the damage they cause to clothes, carpets, and upholstery.

Are carpet beetles dangerous? Can carpet beetles bite?

Carpet beetles aren’t dangerous but can be annoying pests because of the damage they cause to household items. Sometimes they can cause an allergic reaction (resulting in a red and itchy welt) because of the larvae’s prickly hair which can puncture the skin, but they do not bite.

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Carpet Beetle Control in New Jersey