Flower Beetles

What is a flower beetle and what does it look like?

Flower beetle, also known as “Scarabs”, are notable for their larger bodies and brighter green coloration. Their body could be described as brightly colored, and these beetles are normally spotted in and around properties with gardens or backyards. Flower beetles feed on the pollen and nectar featured in flowers, and much like other insects, such as bees, they are largely responsible for flower pollination. There are over 4.000 species of flower beetles, each with their distinctive characteristics. Some species are predominantly carnivore, feeding on other insect larvae.

What are the signs of a flower beetle infestation?

These beetles feed on decomposing matter, but they can also cause lawn damage because younger specimens can feed on roots and sprouts.

Is a flower beetle infestation dangerous? Are flower beetles in my home dangerous?

Flower beetles may be beneficial, because they feed on decaying organic matter, such as dead animals or leaves. In addition to that, they feed on excrements and animal feces. These beetles can be considered a nuisance pest, and in some cases, they might eat fruit or other plants, although they mostly eat waste materials.

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Flower Beetle Control in New Jersey