Filth Flies

What are filth flies and what do they look like?

Filth flies are striking for their large wings. They can reach up to one inch in size, and their bodies are distinctive for their coloration, which could be black or green. Filth flies also have large hive-like eyes, which allow them to have a stereoscopic vision. This is the reason why it can be difficult to catch them with a swatter.

What are the signs of a filth flies infestation?

Filth flies are usually easy to spot. They can get everywhere, but they are primarily attracted to food, foul-smelling waste, and pet feces.

Are filth flies dangerous? Do filth flies carry disease?

Filth flies can be extremely bothersome, as they can aggressively fly around people, pets, and food. They stalk people because they are attracted to the moisture on the skin, and they can hound dinner tables looking to get close to food left unattended. Flies can also contaminate food sources and spread disease.

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Filth Fly Control in New Jersey