Fruit Flies

What are fruit flies and what do they look like?

Fruit flies resembling regular flies, but their size is significantly smaller. They are also distinctive for their slow flying and hovering patterns. These small flies are attracted to garbage bins and fruit left on the counter. Any decaying food product can also be attractive to these flies, as they are often found around full garbage bins that have not been emptied out regularly.

What are the signs of a fruit flies infestation?

Fruit flies can easily be seen in the kitchen or other room. They often hover over garbage bins or food scraps left on the kitchen counter.

Are fruit flies dangerous? Do fruit flies bite?

Fruit flies aren’t dangerous and they do not bite because they lack biting mouthparts. However, they can be a real nuisance around the house, particularly in the kitchen, where they make it really hard for people to prepare meals undisturbed.

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Fruit Fly Control in New Jersey