Deer Mice

What are deer mice and what do they look like?

Also known by his scientific name, “Peromyscus,” the deer mice is only endemic to the Americas, and they are common throughout the United States.

Deer mice are similar to, and distantly related to common house mice. It is easy to discern deer mice from regular ones because they have larger eyes, a two-tone coat (usually darker on top and clearer below) and a slender body shape.

What are the signs of a deer mice infestation?

Deer mice droppings can be easily identified. In addition to that, it is possible to notice signs of their activity. Deer mice can chew on food packages, trying to get to the contents, or they can eat any food left out on the kitchen counter, sink or table. Many people are convinced that leaving foods or plates on counters, tables, and stovetops is enough to keep mice at bay. However, mice can jump as high as 6 times their heights, and can easily climb on higher surfaces.

Are deer mice dangerous? Do deer mice carry disease?

Deer mice are not dangerous to humans directly, but they can contaminate food and spread disease through their droppings. They are known carrier of Hantavirus, a severe respiratory illness, along with Lyme disease and other ailments.

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Deer Mice Control in New Jersey