What is a Silverfish and what does it look like?

A silverfish is a rather common household dweller, and they are often present in big city apartments, as well as rural homes and suburban houses alike. They spend most of their time in moist environments, and they can be spotted in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and attics. These bugs feed on clothing and paper, and this is why they are often seen in stored boxes or wardrobes.

What are the signs of a Silverfish infestation?

It is not uncommon to accidentally carry silverfish indoors without even knowing. They might hitch a ride hidden in a cardboard box or container that has been stored in an infested area, for example. People might simply spot silverfish on the floor, or usually in a sink or bathtub, as they are drawn to wet areas. The traces of their damage to paper or cardboard might also be a tell-tale sign of their presence.

Are Silverfish dangerous?

Silverfish can be destructive because it feeds on paper, books, clothing and even wallpaper material. They also seek sugary and starchy meals, so they can contaminate food sources in pantries, particularly processed foods. Silverfish can sneak into unopened food packaging or products such as shampoos and some types of glue.

The biggest trouble they cause is the destruction of paper, books, record sleeves, food and other household items. Moreover, these bugs can also trigger allergic reactions. Besides the aforementioned issues, silverfish might be a bit unsettling to some people due to their appearance. A Silverfish infestation can lead to more pests creeping in, as other bugs and insects feed on them, including cockroaches or spiders.

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Silverfish Control in New Jersey