Black Widow Spiders

What is a black widow spider and what does it look like?

Black widow spiders are particularly distinctive. In fact, they might very well be among the most easily recognizable spiders in the world, due to their color and hourglass shape. They are usually black and have a red spot on their body. The black widow spider is named this way because females will often eat the males after mating. These spiders thrive on hot days, and they are particularly active during summer. They don’t deal well with cold weather, but they can survive the harshest winter if they find a sheltered environment.

What are the signs of a black widow spider infestation?

Experts can easily recognize black widow spider webs, due to the distinctive irregular shapes, often located near the ground. Spiders are often found hanging off their webs, waiting for bugs and insects to fall in. Usually, these spiders live in sheltered areas, such as burrows, the underside of stones or bushes. They can easily make their way in garages or basements, or get to any other area of your home that doesn’t see a lot of human activities.

Are black widow spider dangerous? Do black widow spiders bite?

Female black widow spiders can be aggressive, and they can bite humans if they are handled or feel threatened by them. Their bite can cause fever, sweating, nausea and increased blood pressure. The bite should be treated immediately and it might require prompt medical attention as soon as possible, although fatalities rarely occur.

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Black Widow Spider Control in New Jersey