Brown Recluse Spider

What is a brown recluse spiders and what does it look like?

Brown recluse spiders are particularly distinctive, due to the specific dark marks on their back. They can be found weaving irregular webs, which they use as a home in a wide variety of environments. The spider owes its name to the fact that it often retreats into its own web for shelter during the day. These creatures are often nocturnal and hunt other bugs, such as cockroaches and crickets.

What are the signs of a brown recluse spiders infestation?

Spiders or spider webs can be found in undisturbed indoor areas such as basements or storage rooms, but brown recluse spiders are often found outdoors, where they dwell around rocks, most of the time. They might often find a comfortable nesting spot in shoes or clothing that have been left alone for a while.

Are brown recluse spiders dangerous? Do brown recluse spiders bite?

Brown recluse spiders are not aggressive and they only bite in defense or when disturbed. The bite is no painful immediately, but you will experience an intense pain sometime after the bite, even up to six or eight hours after the fact. In addition to that, brown recluse spider bites can cause fever and insomnia, among other issues.

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Brown Recluse Spider Control in New Jersey