Wolf Spiders

What is a wolf spider and what does it look like?

A wolf spider is a type of spider that could grow to a rather large size. Unlike many other spiders, who capture their preys in webs, these spiders are more aggressive, as they can chase their own victims. They can be very fast, and they are easy to recognize due to their size and hairy bodies.

What are the signs of a wolf spider infestation?

These spiders usually hunt during the night, so it is difficult to see them active during the day. In most cases, they stay still and hide away in sheltered places waiting for nightfall. They don’t often settle in a specific place, but they roam around, looking for prey to feed on and spending the day in whatever sheltered spot they can find.

Are wolf spiders dangerous? Do wolf spiders bite?

Wolf spiders can indeed bite humans, particularly if they are handled or if they feel threatened. All spiders are poisonous, but not all of them are poisonous to humans. Thankfully, wolf spiders aren’t particularly dangerous to humans, since their poison is not life-threatening. In some cases, having wolf spiders around can be beneficial because they can keep down the population of insects that might damage plants, as well as feeding on cockroaches and silverfish.

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Wolf Spider Control in New Jersey