American Dog Ticks

American Dog Ticks are distinctive because of the oval shape of their bodies. They can usually grow up to 1/8 inches, but their size increases right after a meal because they become extremely engorged with the blood of their victim. These ticks are commonly found in suburban areas and in rural communities, especially around fields and in the woods. While they can be found on wild animals like mice, squirrel, and raccoons, they can also infest dogs, and other domesticated animals spending a lot of time outdoors.

What is an American Dog Tick and what does it look like?

With their piercing mouths, ticks could be dangerous because they have the potential to bite their host, and also spread a wide variety of diseases and ailments through their bite. Unlike other species, such as Deer Ticks, American dog ticks aren’t known to spread Lyme disease.

What are the signs of an American Dog Tick infestation?

It’s hard to spot ticks, but they can be seen latched onto pets. This is the most common sign of a tick infestation, and it should prompt an immediate response. Ticks need to be taken seriously as an immediate threat.

Are American Dog Tick dangerous? Are American Dog Tick bites dangerous

Dog tick bites can cause severe itching, skin rashes and infections as well as serious illnesses.It is hard to fully control ticks since pets and wild animals might carry them into your property at any given time. However, you can prevent ticks from becoming a problem by thoroughly checking your pets periodically.

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American Dog Tick Control in New Jersey