Deer Ticks

What is a Deer Tick and what does it look like?

This tick actually belongs to the arachnid family, much like spiders. Since they are frequently found feeding on deer, they have been nicknamed “Deer Ticks”, but they are also known as “Backlegged Ticks”, due to their long, dark legs.

What are the signs of a Deer Tick infestation?

Deer ticks are unfortunately hard to spot, so the best thing you can do is to adopt preventative measures. When you spend time in areas that could be home to these ticks, make sure to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. Bright-colored clothing is recommended, as a tick on your clothing might easily stand out this way. Insect repellent could also be very useful. Before returning home, inspect your clothing and skin, as the bite might not cause pain and it might go unnoticed unless seen.

Are Deer Ticks dangerous? Do Deer Tick bites cause Lyme Disease?

Deer ticks mostly feed off animals, but they can bite humans, and do so frequently, particularly targeting people who venture in the woods or spend time in tall grass lawns. They will often stay in the tall grass or in the dirt, waiting for a suitable host where to feed on and lay their eggs. These ticks are dangerous to humans because they can cause a wide variety of diseases, including Lyme diseases, a true concern in the United States. This disease can have permanent effects, and it can damage a victim’s nervous system, cause joint pains and chronic headache.

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Deer Tick Control in New Jersey