What is a weevil and what does it look like?

A weevil is a type of beetle. The species has many different sub-groups, which might present different looks and characteristics. In fact, there might be over a 1.000 weevil species in North America alone. Weevils might showcase different body shapes and colors, ranging from brown to black. Commonly, they are recognizable for their oval or slender body shapes. Their size might range from approximatively 3mm to just over 10mm in length.

What are the signs of a weevil infestation?

Weevils can leave some traces of their presence under any circumstances. For instance, outdoor plants might show sign of bite damage from weevils. In addition to that, weevils can spoil entire food batches, because they can contaminate products with feces and skin residues. The infestation can easily spread from a single product or container to a whole pantry, so look for discoloration of flour and rice, or small holes in food packaging.

Are weevils dangerous?

Weevils are particularly common pests, and they can easily make their way into households from the yard, although one of the most common ways for them to enter your home is through food packaging. Weevil eggs can be found in flour packages, and even a small leak could be enough for a weevil to creep in and lay eggs. Weevil eggs are almost invisible to the naked eye, even upon close inspection. Therefore, purchasing contaminated food products without even realizing it is easy. It is highly recommended to always inspect packaging of food items such as rice, pasta, bread, cereals, flour or other grains, before introducing them into your pantry.

While weevils are not dangerous, they can really cause anxiety to homeowners as they infest a home by the hundreds.

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