What is a skunk and what does it look like?

Skunks are unique due to their black fur and white stripes. These small mammals are as large as a house cat, and they can secrete a distinctive stink. Skunks secrete their smell when they feel angry or threatened, and it is considered a natural defense mechanism.

What are the signs of a skunk infestation?

Skunks are predominantly nocturnal animals, so they might be easier to spot during the late hours. However, one of the most noticeable attributes of skunks is definitely their smell. The foul stench is a result of a gland, which produces a smelly spray. The phenomenon occurs when skunks become angry or upset. In some cases, the smell can be perceived even a mile away.

Are skunks dangerous? Is skunk spray harmful?

These nocturnal animals are often very mild-mannered, so they are not aggressive or dangerous. They feed on small animals (including mice) and bugs and leave plants alone for the most part. Skunk spray can cause sneezing and vomiting in humans and pets and may even cause blindness if sprayed in the eyes. If you or your pet is sprayed by a skunk, you may want to seek medical help.

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Skunk Control in New Jersey