What is a squirrel and what does it look like?

Squirrels are medium-sized rodents that are common in urban and suburban areas, particularly around parks. Their fur coat can be brown, red, black or grey, as there are many varieties of squirrels. They can also sport stripes, spot or other visible marks. Their tails are notable for the fluffy, bushy shape.

What are the signs of a squirrel infestation?

Squirrels are not hard to see, because they usually do not shy away from people. They may keep a healthy distance, but generally, they won’t run and hide.

Are squirrels dangerous? Do squirrels carry disease?

Squirrels are not generally dangerous animals. They are familiar with humans, and they can get close to them to find food. Although squirrels do not pose a direct threat, they can be compared to rats, because they have the potential of carrying similar diseases and bacteria. In urban and suburban areas, squirrels share the same environment with rats and mice, and therefore, they can be equally as dangerous.

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Squirrel Control in New Jersey