Planting a Garden? Check out these Plants that can Help Control Pests

It’s true; there are plants that can help keep pests at bay. Many people know that marigolds can keep deer out, but there are plants that can keep out everything from ants to rabbits.

These plants have, in many cases, developed natural defenses that keep pests away. Whether it’s their smell, the way that they taste, or a chemical that they create, these plants can help to keep your vegetables and garden intact and less likely to become snacks for visitors.

The most important reason that this information is incredibly useful is that it can significantly reduce the need for pesticides. If a line of flowers or a specific vegetable can keep many pests out, you can avoid needing to put poisons onto your plants and into your environment.

Check out this list on Wikipedia that has a collection of pest repelling plants: 

Try some of these out and let us know how they work for you. We are always interested in hearing about the experiences of our readers!