Simple Ways to Keep Unwanted Squirrels and Raccoons Out

Squirrels, raccoons, and other pests are shrewd animals. If given the opportunity, they can sneak their way into your home and create extensive damage to your home. These animals can easily get into your home because they are small, agile, and extremely clever when motivated. To avoid major headaches, try these simple tips to keep unwanted animals out of your home.

  1. Trim back any tree branches that touch your home or property.
  2. Make sure your chimney has a properly installed cap and or screening, check to make sure it isn’t loose.
  3. Keep your gutters clean and installing gutter guards can also be very helpful.
  4. Make sure your garbage cans have lids on to cut off potential food sources. Also keep containers of bird, dog, and/or cat food closed tightly.
  5. Inspect your attic. Check to see if daylight shines through which indicates possible entry points. Vents at the peeks are often easy access points so installing screens behind these vents is helpful.
  6. Make sure all flashing on peeks is secure, animals can often force their way into these small entry points.

If you hear animals above in the attic or even in between the walls, you may already have an infestation. Rather than spraying repellents, which rarely work and cloud your home with toxic fumes or trying to trap the pest yourself, save time, energy, and money by calling a professional. Our certified experts can remove the unwanted pests in minimal time, remediate any entry points, and ensure your home is safe for your family.