Bed bugs hide in your mattress seams, in furniture, or behind baseboards waiting for you to act as their host. They emerge at night searching for food, which is human blood. Once they detach from your body, they leave you feeling itchy and with red welts. Doesn’t that sound like a creepy, crawly nightmare?

Although bed bugs don’t carry any known disease, no one wants an infestation. Bed bugs can be a menace in your home or office since they thrive even in the cleanest of places. Bed bug issues are very complex because it is not easy to spot them. But now, there is a solution to that! Pest experts are using bed bug dogs to sniff them out and eventually get rid of these distressing bugs.

What You Get from K-9 Bed Bug Inspections:

Bed bug dogs are highly trained and come with these benefits:

Accurate results

Dogs have a much higher sense of smell compared to humans. Their excellent sense of smell helps them sniff bed bugs from their hiding places effortlessly.

Highly Trained

The K-9 bed bug dogs are highly trained service dogs from some of the best canine academies. These dogs have some of the best temperaments, energy, and drive to serve their masters. These dogs go for continual training and testing in controlled areas to ensure that they don’t lose their effectiveness in sniffing out bed bugs.

Fast Detection

If you have bed bugs in your home or office, you want them detected immediately so that they can be eliminated. Bed bug dogs can detect these bugs faster than humans, which helps speed up the treatment process, allowing you to get back to normal and be at ease.

Less Preparation

Generally speaking, inspections by a dog require less preparation than a human inspection that relies on more closely visually inspecting areas.

The Bottom Line

If your home or business is being affected by an infestation of bed bugs, get in touch with us for immediate help. Our pest specialists are highly skilled technicians and are well versed in treatment methods. Along with Anchor, our bed bug canine, they make up our formidable bed bug detection team. Contact us today for all your bed bug solutions and meet the friendliest bed bug specialist around!