The Great Bed Bug Caper – How to Find the Elusive Little Bugs

In the case of “Are the Bed Bugs There?,” professional ‘bug sleuths’ have a few tools.


The first tool is a brilliant detective mind. A trained professional can find insects, even when they well hidden.

A professional will look at beds, furniture, curtains, cracks and many more places. But it’s not just the pros who can look. The customer can learn to find the signs of bugs, particularly bed bugs, and be able to keep up the vigilance for themselves.

Sometimes a pro will set up regular visits or random visits to look for bed bugs after a first infestation. That will allow them to monitor subsequent outbreaks if they occur.
An exterminator can also put out bug monitors. There are ones with attractants that will being the bugs to the trap. Others will give the bugs a place to hide, then they get trapped. The exterminator will then come back and check the traps.


The second tool is DNA testing. This is the easiest and best way to prove a business’s responsibility in a bed bug infestation. It can take 24 to 48 hours and is 99.7 percent effective.The DNA test allows a consumer to prove that a particular ‘family’ of bugs.


The last tool has four legs and a great nose. Canine detection is 98% reliable. The best part is that the dog can find bugs that even a professional can’t see. It’s an extremely effective way to look for bugs. A well-trained dog is an amazing pal for an exterminator to be able find bugs extremely quickly. Of course, the dog is able to smell bugs long before they can be seen.

All of these tools are only effective and will solve problem in the hands of an expert. A well-trained and well-informed exterminator can turn these tools in powerful weapons against bugs. We are prepared to offer any of these services, finding our K9 Bed Bug Control to be the most effective. Do you think you have bed bugs? Call us today for an appointment!