The spotted lanternfly continues to spread fast in the central new jersey region, and various parts of Pennsylvania. This highly destructive insect is native to Asia and accidentally arrived in the US in 2012. It has been known to eat grapes, trees, flowers, vegetables, and many other plants in its path, making it very dangerous!

Any farmer in this area is undergoing stress due to the loss of their crops to this insect. Due to their damage to forestry and agriculture products, they are a threat to the economic wellbeing of the citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

If you spot a spotted lanternfly in your garden, report to the NJ or PA department of agriculture.

In the meantime, you can use these DIY tips to remove these unwanted bugs:

Squash the bugs

It is the least harmful method to the environment as no chemicals are used

Spray bottle of insecticidal soap

Spray the lanternflies on contact. Dish soap has been found to be effective in controlling lanternflies.

Capture Flies in a Bottle

holding a bottle in front of the insects makes them jump in

Use a shop vac

It will suck up the insects and then you can kill them

Wrap your trees with duct tape or sticky paper

Hose down the lanternflies if they are already on a tree and then apply duct tape or sticky paper around the trees. The insects will get trapped and you can get rid of them.

Spray weeds with vinegar

It kills the flies immediately

Plant Milkweed

This poisonous plant attracts the lanternflies but kills them once they ingest it