Why Sentricon is the First Choice for Termite Baiting

“You have termites.” The dreaded statement that no one wants to hear. Termite infestations affect millions of homeowners all over the US each year and the prospect of getting rid of them is no easy task. Luckily, our experts have Sentricon baiting systems behind them.

Having termites in your home can mean multiple visits by a pest control company, drilling into your walls and foundation, and laying down poisonous chemicals. And even then, you have to simply hope that the chemicals kill ALL the termites and DO NOT harm you or your family. There must be a better way…and…there is.

Sentricon is the absolute best solution for getting rid of termite infestations in residential properties and here are a few reasons why.

Sentricon is safe for humans and pets

Unlike the harmful chemicals that have been used for years to kill termites, Sentricon has actually been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a SAFE and environmentally sound termite solution.

Sentricon is extremely easy to install into your home

When you are dealing with a termite problem, you may have already experienced damage to your wood structures. The last thing you want is for a pest removal company to begin drilling into your walls and foundation to apply termite poison. With Sentricon, that is not an issue. No drilling or disruption to your residence is required whatsoever. The non-invasive bait stations are installed by a certified Sentricon professional and can be removed or moved at any time.

Sentricon is designed to kill the entire colony, including the queen

Unlike ordinary termite poisons and treatments while try to eliminate each individual termite, Sentricon allows works such that the termite will bring the bait back to the colony. This results in the queen being killed which will effectively terminate the colony and ensure no new termites are hatched. Study after study has proven that Sentricon kills the entire colony, and thus, your entire termite problem.

So, if you hear that dreaded statement, “You have termites” don’t panic. Just pick up the phone and call (877) 623-BUGS or click here to request service, we’re a certified Sentricon professional pest control company and your termite problems will soon be a thing of the past.