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Anchor Pest Control is a family-owned business providing Bed Bug and Pest Control in the Aberdeen area (07721, 07735, 07747) for the last 25 years. Our reputation is built on years of solid service providing safe, cost-effective, pest management services.

Anchor Pest Control also offers year-long protection plans for over 40+ common New Jersey pests with our Pest Protect 365 plan.

Aberdeen, NJ, is a prominent Monmouth County township located in the heart of the Raritan Valley region in the New York metropolitan area. The township houses just under 20,000 individuals across its 7.77 sq/mile area, making it the county’s 15th most populous municipality. 

Aberdeen township has gone through various titles and configurations since its introduction as part of Middletown township in 1693. First, the township was split into two portions, with the Western half designated Raritan township.

Raritan township was later divided once more, creating Matawan township–the final form of the municipality. However, the township was eventually renamed Aberdeen in 1977, after New Aberdeen. Additionally, the name change is said to have moved the township to the top of the county’s list alphabetically, thus drawing more attention to Aberdeen.   

The township is a part of the Matawan-Aberdeen school system, providing K-12 education to its residents. Additionally, the township houses the Yeshiva Gedolah of Cliffwood, an orthodox Jewish Yeshiva. 

Anchor Pest Control is dedicated to helping Aberdeen remain beautiful and pest free. 

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Pest Control in Aberdeen, NJ

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Pest Control in Aberdeen, NJ

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