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Our treatment for fleas is targeted at the adults that are present at the time of treatment. Vacuuming and removing the vacuum bag immediately out of the house will help remove flea eggs from your home. Prior to service: Remove all objects from under beds and samll objects from floors. Clear all carpeted floors, including closets. Wash (hot water) or destory all pet bedding (remove immidately outside). Vacuum all carpeting and rugs thoroughly and remove the vacuum bag immeidately outside of the home. Vacuum all furniture, cracks and crevices in floors, curtians (up to 1ft), and any other areas where the pets travel or rest. Vacuum furniture, especially between and under cushions. All pets must be removed from the home prior to application. store all pet food in sealed containers. If you have an aquarium, please make sure it’s covered and the pump is turned off. Have the pets treated at the same time as our treatment is being performed for the best results.


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