5 Myths About Termites in New Jersey

How often have you heard of a termite infestation? I’m pretty sure that most people are familiar with the threat of this pest in our area, along with the costly ramifications of not being prepared in advanced by monitoring your home for termites. While most people know about them, we find there’s quite a bit of misinformation that exists.

Termite Infestation is Easy to Detect

This is one of the most famous myths you would come across because these infestations are never easy to detect. You can possibly detect them once you start hearing weird sounds from a wooded area of your home, see a swarm, or when you see visible wood shavings and that’s when it may be too late.

Brick Houses are Safe from Termites

Another myth is that brick houses would protect you from a termite infestation. Well, these bugs are capable of crawling through even small spaces in your brick walls.

My property was already treated for termites so I’m OK:

Absolutely not, this is a big red signal for you if you actually believe this. They can resurface anytime, anyplace, and there’s no way to completely prevent it, only monitor it, so be aware and have a monitoring service in place.

Termites are only a problem in the warmer months

This is just another one of those myths where you think it’s all well and good until winter arrives and you open up your home to find termite damage indoors.

DIY Treatment is an Option

Don’t fall for these cheap options, get some expert services to help you out. Trying DIY treatments could only make things worse for you as time passes and the problems persist.