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Did winter mean the end of the Stink Bug?

Did winter mean the end of the Stink Bug?

In the winter, freezing conditions can freeze stink bugs to death. Does this mean that they are all gone? Not likely.

In laboratory tests, stink bugs create a natural anti-freeze that helps to keep the water in their bodies from crystallizing and killing them. The biggest difference is that in the lab tests, the bugs aren’t frozen for months the way that the weather has been recently.

Nonetheless, not all of the stink bugs will die. They like to hide under shingles, in attics and in walls. For at least some of them that will be enough to keep them alive and able to procreate. And procreating is something that stink bugs do very well.

Virginia Tech. entomology professor Thomas Kuhar tested the winter theory by gathering up stink bugs and putting them into 5-gallon buckets. Over the course of a winter, 95% of the bugs died. The buckets were filled with foam insulation and keep under a shelter for the season. The bugs create cryoprotectants, antifreeze proteins, help to keep the bugs bodily fluids from crystallizing. Proteins similar to these can be found in arctic creatures that survive the even longer, even colder winter in extreme climates. Ninety-five percent might seem like a lot but it only takes a couple of bugs to make a whole colony in no time.

The only real solution to keeping stink bugs away from the home is to choose a good exterminator who will find the bus where they hide and keep them away. Anchor Pest Control will use the latest scientific solutions to keep stink bugs away, all without negatively affecting the family and pets in the area.

The Great Bed Bug Caper – How to Find the Elusive Little Bugs

The Great Bed Bug Caper – How to Find the Elusive Little Bugs

In the case of “Are the Bed Bugs There?,” professional ‘bug sleuths’ have a few tools.


The first tool is a brilliant detective mind. A trained professional can find insects, even when they well hidden.

A professional will look at beds, furniture, curtains, cracks and many more places. But it’s not just the pros who can look. The customer can learn to find the signs of bugs, particularly bed bugs, and be able to keep up the vigilance for themselves.

Sometimes a pro will set up regular visits or random visits to look for bed bugs after a first infestation. That will allow them to monitor subsequent outbreaks if they occur.
An exterminator can also put out bug monitors. There are ones with attractants that will being the bugs to the trap. Others will give the bugs a place to hide, then they get trapped. The exterminator will then come back and check the traps.


The second tool is DNA testing. This is the easiest and best way to prove a business’s responsibility in a bed bug infestation. It can take 24 to 48 hours and is 99.7 percent effective.The DNA test allows a consumer to prove that a particular ‘family’ of bugs.


The last tool has four legs and a great nose. Canine detection is 98% reliable. The best part is that the dog can find bugs that even a professional can’t see. It’s an extremely effective way to look for bugs. A well-trained dog is an amazing pal for an exterminator to be able find bugs extremely quickly. Of course, the dog is able to smell bugs long before they can be seen.

All of these tools are only effective and will solve problem in the hands of an expert. A well-trained and well-informed exterminator can turn these tools in powerful weapons against bugs. We are prepared to offer any of these services, finding our K9 Bed Bug Control to be the most effective. Do you think you have bed bugs? Call us today for an appointment!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment - How to Make Bed Bugs a Thing of the Past

Bed Bug Heat Treatment - How to Make Bed Bugs a Thing of the Past

We know that bed bugs absolutely can’t stand the heat, especially when the house that they have moved into is treated by Anchor Pest Control. It’s called Thermal Remediation Treatment. It is one of the most effective ways to treat a bed bug problem when you have the proper equipment. The trained staff at Anchor can help!

The process takes about a day, but leaves the home bed bug free. There is no damage to the house and we don’t need to use lots of noxious chemicals. Because it is just heat, it takes no time to recover from.

Your home will be sealed up with plastic and covered appropriately to make sure that the heat stays in. Anything that might be damaged by temperatures about 120 degrees is removed.

Our team of professionals then use our specialized equipment to heat your home up. Using fans, the entire space if heated evenly, ensuring that all of the little beasts in your home will be eliminated.

At temperatures over 120°, all stages of the bed bugs’ life, from egg to adult, can be killed by the heat. The process is completely safe, odor free and can be completed in a single day. The process requires a lot less preparation than conventional treatments and requires much less recovery time.

Whether it’s a small home or a full size commercial building, we can make the removable of bed bugs much easier and most effective with our Thermal Remediation Treatment.

Regulatory Compliance Requires Training Throughout

Regulatory Compliance Requires Training Throughout

We were featured in Pest World Magazine! Click here to check out the article on their web site.

Why Sentricon is the First Choice for Termite Baiting

Why Sentricon is the First Choice for Termite Baiting

“You have termites.” The dreaded statement that no one wants to hear. Termite infestations affect millions of homeowners all over the US each year and the prospect of getting rid of them is no easy task. Luckily, our experts have Sentricon baiting systems behind them.

Having termites in your home can mean multiple visits by a pest control company, drilling into your walls and foundation, and laying down poisonous chemicals. And even then, you have to simply hope that the chemicals kill ALL the termites and DO NOT harm you or your family. There must be a better way…and…there is.

Sentricon is the absolute best solution for getting rid of termite infestations in residential properties and here are a few reasons why.

Sentricon is safe for humans and pets

Unlike the harmful chemicals that have been used for years to kill termites, Sentricon has actually been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as a SAFE and environmentally sound termite solution.

Sentricon is extremely easy to install into your home

When you are dealing with a termite problem, you may have already experienced damage to your wood structures. The last thing you want is for a pest removal company to begin drilling into your walls and foundation to apply termite poison. With Sentricon, that is not an issue. No drilling or disruption to your residence is required whatsoever. The non-invasive bait stations are installed by a certified Sentricon professional and can be removed or moved at any time.

Sentricon is designed to kill the entire colony, including the queen

Unlike ordinary termite poisons and treatments while try to eliminate each individual termite, Sentricon allows works such that the termite will bring the bait back to the colony. This results in the queen being killed which will effectively terminate the colony and ensure no new termites are hatched. Study after study has proven that Sentricon kills the entire colony, and thus, your entire termite problem.

So, if you hear that dreaded statement, “You have termites” don’t panic. Just pick up the phone and call (877) 623-BUGS or click here to request service, we're a certified Sentricon professional pest control company and your termite problems will soon be a thing of the past.

A Message From Our President Regarding Coronavirus

A Message From Our President Regarding Coronavirus

While there have been no issues at Anchor Pest Control, the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 has been greater than we would have ever imagined. I want you to be assured that our customers’ health and safety is our top priority. We have followed the CDC best practices and implemented additional measures to keep our employees and customers safe during this sensitive time.

Such measures include:

  • Education on the symptoms and awareness of all employees wellness
  • Pre-shift screenings of our employees, ensuring no symptoms are present
  • Consistent reminders of hand washing, using the proper techniques instructed by the CDC
  • 14 Day Quarantine if anyone appears to have symptoms or is diagnosed.

Currently, scheduled exterior services are being performed as normal, routine interior services (non-issue related) are suspended temporarily, and we are handling new customer requests as needed. If you have any questions about your service or would like to reschedule, please contact our office at (732) 636-8761.

Services Impacted: Routine (Non-issue related) Interior Services Suspended Temporarily 

We extended our concern for all those that have been affected directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus. Please check our website and social media regularly as we will be posting any updates as they come up.

Stay safe!

Carmen Reino
President of Anchor Pest Control

Why Choose K-9 Bed Bug Inspections?

Why Choose K-9 Bed Bug Inspections?


Most property owners believe that K-9 bed bug inspections are too expensive as a proactive measure. Did you know K-9 inspections can cost as low as $1.66 per month for each unit if done twice a year? It can cost even less if it is done annually. Did you know that K-9 bed bug inspections are also HUD recommended?


A typical visual inspection for bed bugs can take up to 1 hour and requires that a unit is taken apart, including all belongings being inspected. The average K-9 bed bug inspection can be completed in under 5 minutes and more accurately than a visual inspection. It is also much less disruptive since belongings will not be touched and there is minimal preparation. The efficiency and convenience translates directly to cost savings.


Research shows that K-9 inspections are much more effective then visual inspections. K-9 bed bug detection is recognized as the most effective tool in early detection of bed bugs. In controlled conditions, K-9 bed bug inspections have been proven to be 95% effective!

Are you unhappy with your current Pest Control Company, looking for an affordable Maintenance Plan, have a question? Give Anchor Pest Control a call at (732) 636-8761 or contact us online today!

Integrated Pest Management – The Responsible Way to Control Pests

There are many classic images of farmers spraying thousands of pounds of DDT on their crops to control bugs. Those practices did a huge amount of damage to the bugs, but also the crops, the people and the planet.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a system designed to prevent our pest control efforts from poisoning the rest of our world.

The idea is simple: use only as much pest control efforts as you need to keep pests below the level of economic impact. The principle involves that belief that it isn’t necessary to every last bug in the field in order to raise a healthy crop. There is a level where the bugs in the field have no real impact on the value of the crop. That’s the level that IPM strives for.

Another important aspect of this concept is the use on non-chemical solutions whenever possible. There are traps for many insects that have been designed that can be very effective. In a person’s home, this can lead to the use of sticky traps and poison traps versus perhaps a whole home fumigation. In agriculture, this could mean that there are weevil traps and crop rotation to prevent any one type of insect from experiencing a massive and detrimental population growth.

IPM is an idea that was born during the Nixon Administration in the wake of the DDT issue. After books and protests, songs and Congressional hearings, the federal government needed to come up with a framework that would guide farmers and pest control experts on the proper levels of pesticides to use.

In some ways, this concept can be related to the idea of justifiable force as use by police and military. There the criteria are stated even more clearly. An officer can use only as much for as is necessary to stop a threat, no more. The threat must be immediate and unavoidable. If one imagines the relationship between insects and a pest control expert in the same way, the pest control expert should only use as much force as is necessary to control the insect population. This means not spraying a field with noxious pesticides “just in case” an infestation might occur, as has been done in the past.

When working with pest control experts, ask them about IPM and how that can be applied to your situation. It can make living with insects and pests easier and a lot less harmful to humans, pets and the world around you

What To Do If You Have a Spotted Lanternfly Infestation

The spotted lanternfly continues to spread fast in the central new jersey region, and various parts of Pennsylvania. This highly destructive insect is native to Asia and accidentally arrived in the US in 2012. It has been known to eat grapes, trees, flowers, vegetables, and many other plants in its path, making it very dangerous!

Any farmer in this area is undergoing stress due to the loss of their crops to this insect. Due to their damage to forestry and agriculture products, they are a threat to the economic wellbeing of the citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

If you spot a spotted lanternfly in your garden, report to the NJ or PA department of agriculture.

In the meantime, you can use these DIY tips to remove these unwanted bugs:

Squash the bugs

It is the least harmful method to the environment as no chemicals are used

Spray bottle of insecticidal soap

Spray the lanternflies on contact. Dish soap has been found to be effective in controlling lanternflies.

Capture Flies in a Bottle

holding a bottle in front of the insects makes them jump in

Use a shop vac

It will suck up the insects and then you can kill them

Wrap your trees with duct tape or sticky paper

Hose down the lanternflies if they are already on a tree and then apply duct tape or sticky paper around the trees. The insects will get trapped and you can get rid of them.

Spray weeds with vinegar

It kills the flies immediately

Plant Milkweed

This poisonous plant attracts the lanternflies but kills them once they ingest it